LIGHTS OUT - Electric Version by alazarussoul

This is a recording of a rehearsal for a gig I did back in 2008 supporting Declan O’Rourke in The Academy, Dublin.

Labhaoise Brennan who currently sings with The Crayon Set, is with me on backing vocals.

It was only meant as an aide so that we could rehearse seperately, it was not meant as a proper recording but I found it today and I enjoyed listening so I thought other people might too.

Labhaoise as you can hear is amazing as always.

Thanks to Len Arran for capturing the moment.

Bad Crowd Acoustic by Cherry Ghost

// Alex Huskisson “The Mystery Train” Stroud FM//

Last night I got one of my songs “Last Resort” played on Stroud FM in the UK on a show called The Mystery Train with Alex Huskisson. Its a great show with a varied blend of music which you can listen back to here

(cheers Alex!)

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Various ditties

// 48 HOURS//

In about 48 Hours the first LIVE show of The HIT on RTE One #RTETheHit will be broadcast and I’m in it!!!! Its been quite exciting so far and right now I’d happily sleep all the way thru til friday night as the anxiety levels are quite high. So I’ll be back to update you on its outcome, hopefully it’ll be good news ;-) for now though if you’d like to listen to some of my songs go to

// Who/What/Where Am I?//

Well I’m Nigel Place, I’m a singer & songwriter and I live in Dublin, Ireland.

If you want to listen to my music you’ll get some of it on and if you’d like to see me aswell as hear me you can find me here

And if you’d like to drop me an email just use



"Last Resort" - Nigel Place

"Broadcast To Anyone Who’ll Listen"

"Broadcast To Anyone Who’ll Listen"

Broadcast To Anyone Who'll Listen.